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February 2nd, 2008

01:30 am - Welcome back from Break
Photos from Feb 1 Shabbat dinner -

Shaping the challah.

Sparkling cider...

Rabbi Laurie and Miriam, Hilary, Tessa

Everyone loves a Jewish girl :-)

The hostess, Reed alum Elsa Koo

Hot challah fresh from the oven!!!

In the living room before candle lighting.

Gathered with Gesher song books.

Rabbis Gary Schoenberg and Laurie Rutenberg lead us in Hine Ma Tov.

Everyone lit a candle and reflected on something they're grateful for.

Shabbos candle light & bracha

Kiddush, ha-motzi, dinner

*Menu* (not all pictured):
Asparagus with toasted pine nuts and lemon-garlic sauce
Roasted winter vegetables (butternut and acorn squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, onions, herbs..)
Baked salmon
Tomato-tarragon soup + fennel croutons
Home-made challah (of course)
Baby greens with balasamic vinaigrette and honey-glazed walnuts
Basmati-jasmine rice
Mushroom paté
Homemade gefilte fish
Mangoes, pineapple, apples & banana
Dried-fruit tart

Shabbat Shalom.


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December 8th, 2007

02:43 am - Introduction
Hi!  We are Celia ('09) and Josh ('11).  We co-signate the Jewish group Chaverim at Reed College.

Below are more photos from the Hanukkah event we hosted on the 4th night.  Before that though, I want to talk briefly about why I'm doing this & where I want to see it go.

MY background:  Grew up secular.  Got really intrigued by Judaism via my Birthright trip to Israel in May 2005 at the age of 18.  Have returned once to Israel in April 2006.

It is one thing to be born into it and another to live it.  Maybe the religious aspects of Judaism don't have much to do with Jews holding title to over 20% of Nobel Prizes despite making up an obviously lower proportion of the world population. I just bring that up because to me as a burgeoning scientist, Nobel laureates represent (in terms of contribution to humanity) a maximization of what, for all we know, may be the only time we are these conscious masses of cells and tissues, these corporeal fleshy-things.

"Carpe diem" is the old adage; to me, Judaism is the how-to manual for seizing the day today in the context of all days we may live to see.

Directions I envision for Chaverim: This is probably too ambitious, but I would be thrilled to see a 500% increase in participation in Jewish activities among Reedies.  I do think that quite a large number of people at Reed identify with Judaism or Jewishness in some form or another; however, I think there is a disconnect, an indifference to cultivating this part of their identity.
    I want to change that -- I think Judaism is beautiful, in its ideas on the nature of God, on how people should treat one another and the earth we inhabit; how we can grow as individuals.
Things I plan for Chaverim:
    - regular Shabbat meals
    - festive celebrations of Jewish holidays
    - arena for discussion on things that affect us all, whether Jewish or not: situations in the middle east, genocide, the environment, poverty, class disparities, lack of health care and equitable opportunity for quality education... I would like to discuss what it means to see these issues through a Jewish lens.

Next thing we'll do within the Reed community is screen the film "Young, Jewish and Left."
Hope to see you there -


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